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Aboriginal Art NT – the source for serious art collectors of authentic Aboriginal paintings from the Central Australia, Arnhemland and the Kimberleys.

Aboriginal Art NT was inspired first and foremost by my love and interest in Aboriginal art and culture. This interest was ignited by a childhood growing up in the Territory and later working at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory managing sales for the Territory�s most prestigious art award, The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards (NATSAA). To gain a greater understanding of the culture inspiring these incredible works I later went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in anthropology at the Charles Darwin University.

The paintings featured in Aboriginal Art NT are all accompanied by a certificate of authenticity proving sound provenance and, where possible, with photographs of artists engaged in their work.

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to watch these artists painting, sometimes with painstakingly meticulous dot work and at other times with wonderful spontaneity and flair. Whatever the approach, it becomes obvious that the paintings are born out of an affinity to land and a culture steeped in tradition.

Please browse our on-line catalogue and be sure to click for a larger image of the works and to also view the artists with their work. Where possible we have provided a magnified view to assist in getting a better understanding of the detail in these works. Feel free to contact us if any paintings are of intrest, our details are in the Contact page. We will ship the artwork door to door around the world free of charge.(*)

Aboriginal artists should be remunerated fairly for their works. Therefore Aboriginal Art NT only sources paintings of sound provenance to ensure profits are regenerated to artists and their communities.