An article in the Australian about Peter Toyne, IdenteArt and payback.

Quoted in the article:

Jay Easterby-Wood, IdenteArt’s partnering director, wonders if Toyne’s past has caught up with him. “Peter was the former attorney-general and there may be some people sitting in dark places who may have had a grudge.” He says that if the attack was designed by the backyarders to send a message to those trying to clean up the art industry, then the message was unclear.

“IdenteArt was meant to be a positive thing but there’s a lot of money involved. This has the potential to damage their income streams. It’s the tip of a very large thing that’s going to be hammering the shit out of these idiots very shortly. But if you want to send a message, don’t you leave a message? This guy said nothing.

“If this does turn out to be related to the industry, I will wind the company up. It’s not worth someone’s life. Peter is our highest-profile executive member. He could have been killed.”