The Grafton Regional Gallery will be holding a meet-and-greet with the artists of their latest exhibition, Prints From Jilamara, tomorrow.

The artists have travelled from Milikapiti on Melville Island, 100km north-east of Darwin, to spend time in the area and promote their latest works.

They are a part of the Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association, an indigenous-owned art centre where they showcase their designs.

Artists from the centre have made a significant contribution to contemporary indigenous art in Australia since the association was established in 1989.

The artists’ works are inspired by their rich cultural heritage and the island environment where they live along with the stories and customs of the Tiwi people.

Jilamara artists Dymphna Kerinauia, Raelene Kerinauia and Janice Murray will be presenting a series of programs to complement the exhibition accompanied by curator and co-ordinator of the Jilamara Centre, Cher Breeze.

The public are invited to interact with the artists as they demonstrate ochre preparation and application from 11am until 3pm tomorrow. At 11am and 1pm the artists will be telling Jilamara and Tiwi design stories that inspire their works.

The exhibition, which opened on September 1, will be on display until October 24.

For more information, contact the Gallery on 6642 3177.



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