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Position: Indigenous Cultural Development Officer
Location: Sydney
Job Grade/Classification: Clerk Grade 9/10
Vacancy ref: ART1075-000008GZ

The Arts NSW Indigenous Cultural Development Officer leads and manages the development and implementation of the NSW Aboriginal Arts and Cultural Strategy.

You will identify, assess and develop a range of projects across Arts NSW and Communities NSW to support a vibrant NSW Aboriginal arts and cultural sector.

You will advance and facilitate the development of strategic partnerships between Indigenous artists and communities in NSW and key Government, cultural and community agencies. You will also influence and collaborate with staff from across the Division and Department to ensure their work is sensitive to Indigenous people and communities and enables Indigenous participation.

You will contribute to development of policy and policy advice regarding the Aboriginal arts and cultural sector at state and national level.

Notes: This position is identified for an Aboriginal person or Torres Strait Islander under Section 14 of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977. A background check, including relevant criminal and employment records and relevant AVO will be conducted on recommended applicants. No offer of employment will be made until all relevant clearances are finalised

Applicants MUST obtain an information pack and complete all relevant paperwork and address the selection criteria.

Applicants are encouraged to apply through

Inquiries: Judith Bowtell (02) 9228 5541 or

Please click here to access the Information Pack.

Applications close on Sunday 24 October 2010.

* Develops, manages and reports on a range of projects that deliver positive change as part of the NSW’s Aboriginal Arts and Cultural Strategy.
* Manages and oversees major aspects of project management and implementation, including monitoring project plans, coordinating resources and budgets.
* Engages with a range of Indigenous artists to ensure that strategies and program responses will be effective and deliver real improvement and change.
* Provides advice on politically or economically sensitive issues within tight timeframes, whilst maintaining trust and confidentiality.
* Responds to urgent requests from the Minister or Director-General while managing multiple issues simultaneously.
* Facilitates and works with Indigenous communities in NSW to identify new and sustainable arts and cultural projects.
* Builds and facilitates partnerships across the arts, community, public, private and education sectors that strengthen the viability of Indigenous arts.
* Provides advice to the Director-General, Minister, Divisional management and staff on indigenous issues.
* Provides timely advice and communication with management and key internal stakeholders regarding project status and implementation issues.
* Prepares a range of project related documents to key stakeholders as required, including status updates, reports, budgets and discussion papers.
* Contributes to the development of project management methodologies and process across the Department/Division.

Selection Criteria:
The following selection criteria form a specific part of the selection process. Applicants for this role are asked to address each of these items specifically in their application.
1. Demonstrated ability to lead development of strategies and policies to enhance Aboriginal arts and cultural development, in line with organisational goals of Arts NSW and the NSW Government.
2. Demonstrated ability to develop and manage multiple projects, including creating strategic partnerships, managing conflicting priorities and harnessing resources.
3. Experience in providing high level policy advice and demonstrated experience in responding to urgent requests whilst managing multiple issues simultaneously.
4. Excellent verbal and written communication skills and demonstrated consultation and negotiation/facilitation experience, working with Aboriginal communities, other communities and government sectors.
5. Good analytic, strategic thinking and problem solving skills.
6. Ability to engage with clients (including within the Aboriginal community and government) to meet needs and deliver services.
7. Knowledge of the Aboriginal arts, creative industries and cultural sector.



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