One of Australia’s leading Indigenous photographers has been nominated as a Master of Photography by National Geographic. The 2009 NAIDOC Artist of the Year Wayne Quilliam said To be considered for such an award is an honour and I hope this inspires other Indigenous photographers to follow my path. The past 18 months have been very exciting, winning the NAIDOC award, developing exhibitions in Germany, Japan, Russia, China, Indonesia, Guam and several in Australia including the ˜Sorry’ and ˜Lowanna’ series and having my work featured in more than 100 publications has been times has been extraordinary. In the next few months I will open shows in Cairo, Riyadh, Beirut, Sydney, Melbourne and early next year Italy, France, Austria and Perth including the launch a new series of books.

Wayne can be contacted on 0413 812222

Samantha Faradaiys


Artist: Wayne Quilliam

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