Our theme for the Matrix on Board Late September Newsletter seems to be that organisations are stronger when we work together and stay connected. That idea is the core philosophy behind the missions of many of our clients. One MoB client association in particular works to help many smaller organisations share experiences and resources. ANKAAA is the Association of Northern Kimberley and Arnhem Aboriginal Artists.

˜ANKAAA represents up to 5,000 Artists from 43 art and craft centres located in the Tiwi Islands and the Darwin/Katherine, Kimberley, and Arnhem Land regions.’ (www.ANKAAA.org.au) ANKAAA supports indigenous art and art centres by offering shared advocacy and lobbying, training, marketing, networking, resourcing and consulting. Imagine if each organisation in ANKAAA’s region started independently, from scratch to undertake each of these areas. A great deal might be wasted in redoing what is already done, reinventing solutions that are already invented.

Resource services increase organisation capacity
Resourcing is the area where MoB has been of service to ANKAAA and its member organisations. We helped them, in cooperation with Desart, Ananguku Arts & Culture and UMI Arts, develop Go Hunting. Go Hunting is a single online, easily accessible resource aimed at increasing efficiency and capacity in these remote, independent organisations. Through resources like Go Hunting, ANKAAA equips art centres to support and nurture some of Australia’s most recognised artists and invaluable art forms.

MoB had another opportunity to support art centres last month. Michelle Taylor, MoB General Manager, Darwin, attended the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair on behalf of ANKAAA and conducted ˜Business Planning Health Checks’ to provide advice and support for centre managers around their new business plans. These sessions were a follow up from a presentation MoB conducted earlier in the year at ANKAAA’s national meeting, where we presented an innovative ˜story board’ approach to the elements of business planning.

Url: http://www.mob.com.au/2010/09/mob-provides-ankaaa-members-shared-resources/