Ceduna artist Beaver Lennon has won his first major art prize – at just 22 years of age.
Beaver has been awarded the Adelaide Festival Centre’s South Australian Indigenous Acquisitive Art Award.

The win was announced last week at the official opening of the ˜Our Mob 2010′ exhibition in Adelaide.

Lennon was presented with $5000 in prize money for his painting entitled ˜The Break of Dawn’.

A talented young artist, Lennon started painting at the Ceduna Arts and Cultural Centre in February 2005.

He comes from a family of artists – his mother, uncles, grand-mother and grand-father were all keen artists.

He has exhibited in every ˜Our Mob’ exhibition at the Adelaide Festival Centre from 2006 to 2010, as well as at Tandanya in Adelaide and the Red Poles Gallery in McLaren Vale.

Lennon’s works explore his own country – that of the Mirning people of the Far West – using incredible realism and detail to depict particular aspects of that landscape, such as specific landforms, species of flora and fauna, light, terrain and distance.

Lennon has worked on major public projects around the state, including murals, and has also been exploring the genre of portraiture.

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