As someone’s skin does not reveal their aboriginality, nor does art created by indigenous people necessarily follow the stereotypes laid out for it by the art world, says Old Guildford artist Kerrie Kenton.

Kenton’s stunning artwork weaves together tradition and contemporary pop culture and is on display at Smithfield’s Stein Gallery until August 29.

Aboriginal art is not a style of art, it’s art made by an Aboriginal person, the artist says.

According to Kenton, a disproportionate amount of focus and money is laid upon traditional-style artists from remote regions, often to the detriment of others.

We have the largest number of urban Aboriginal artists in western Sydney, but no funds. All the money goes to the Top End.

But despite the heavy focus on traditional styles, Aboriginal art is more than just dot paintings, Kenton says.

The exhibition features six western Sydney artists.

Kenton will display three previously unseen works; Blood Lines, From Within and Warhoo (pictured). Kenton said Blood Lines was in a pop art style and was made up of several pieces of small canvasses that all come together to form one image.

From Within is a mud sculpture that depicts a clay woman with tree branches for hair.



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