Rebecca Cannon reviews McCulloch’s contemporary Aboriginal Art “ the complete guide:

If you’re planning a trip across outback Australia and want to visit contemporary Aboriginal artists and co-ops, or if you simply have an interest in contemporary Australian Aboriginal art, there’s one book you’ll want to have in your hands as you explore this fascinating field; McCulloch’s contemporary Aboriginal Art “ the complete guide.

First published in 1999, with demand for a further three, updated editions since then, McCulloch’s contemporary Aboriginal Art is a comprehensive reference which contains a weighty 300 pages of full colour, illustrated descriptions of the regional and stylistic differences of Aboriginal art practise across 9 major geographic regions and more than 80 places and art centres.

Whilst the indigenous population of Australia is devastatingly small, the production of art and artefacts by Australian Aboriginals is a highly significant cultural activity. Australian’s indigenous population is an estimated 2.7% of the total, national population, however in 1996 their collective economic contribution to national art sales was, quite exceptionally, three times that of non-indigenous Australian art.



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