Australian Indigenous art is not all that we had imagined it to be. When one thinks of Aboriginal art, a genre driven by a nomadic way of life, one thinks of watering holes and an ancient form of communicating. The meaning behind the beautiful, and sometimes-colourful dots and circles depicting the land, and one’s country, are not immediately apparent in traditional Aboriginal art.

But there has been an interesting evolution brewing since the 1960’s and 1970’s as urban artists have begun to use other mediums to convey messages rooted in politics and social expression. Based on the fact that most urban artists come from areas in which the greatest impact of colonization was felt, the works of these urban artists portray strength in the face of hardship and the success that can triumph struggles.
Hailing from the town camps of Alice Springs, Tangentyere Artists, the art centre, is the answer to the artists being able to take control of their art, and empowering them to further their presence in the art world, as another facet of Aboriginal art.

As a result of this progression, these artists are creating refreshing and unique works. These works don’t just step outside of the bounds of traditional Indigenous art; they are also exploring exciting new technical approaches for communicating their stories through their art. These stories still draw from the rich history of their past and their ancestors, but are also merged with European forms in duality. The legacy of colonization is apparent in the everyday lives of Aboriginals and urban artists are making a strong statement in intriguing ways.

ReDot Fine Art Gallery is pleased to exhibit these works as another electrifying and unexpected face to Aboriginal art.

We will be showcasing for the 1st time in Singapore works by award winning artists Dan Jones, senior artists, Grace Robinya, Annie Purvis, Betty Conway, Amy Napurulla, Alison Inkamala, Carmel Chisholm, Yvonne Kunoth, Eileen Moore and Sally Mulda, as well emerging stars such as Jane Young.

The show will be attended by Jane Young, Grace Robinya and Dan Jones, as they add a special touch to the event and share their stories of living in town camps with the Singapore public.


Artist: Dan Jones, Carmel Chisholm, Sally M Mulda, Eileen Moore, Elizabeth Beasley, Grace Robinya, Jane Young, Yvonne Kunoth.

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