Mapping Me: A Landscape of Women’s Stories
Editors: Orchid Tierney and Tamara Azizian

We are seeking submissions in any artistic format (photography, painting, sketching etc) from indigenous women for a new anthology project titled, “Mapping Me, a Landscape of Women’s Stories.”

By asking the fundamental question Who am I? this book will explore the complexities and connections “ the invisible threads – between women in various cultures, generations and walks of life. For submission guidelines and a detailed synopsis about this project, please contact or follow our developments at

Mapping Me is a multi-disciplinary approach to the question of ‘Who Am I?’ As well as short stories, poetry and essays, we are calling for women artists and photographers to submit visual works which explores their experiences as women within their cultures. We seek sketches, paintings and photography to exist alongside our literary sisters. If you are interested in submitting something, please email me for a synopsis of the project. As with creative writing submissions, please include a sample of your work in JPEG format along with a short biography about yourself.



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