Further to my previous post on Alma Nungarrayi Granite’s paintings from Warlukurlangu Artists at my home town of Yuendumu I found a fascinating set of links between Aboriginal art, the sky and the objects we find there and modern science.

In many ways these links are very similar to the kind of connections that I find in the work that I’m doing on the connections between Aboriginal knowledge and birds “ but in the case of Aboriginal astronomical knowledge there seems to be a far more active interest and real curiosity on the part of some astronomers in the Aboriginal equivalent to their work than there is with their counterparts in the the mainstream ornithological scientific community.

And I didn’t know it before I had a close look at this exhibition but 2009 is the International Year of Astronomy.

Url: http://blogs.crikey.com.au/northern/2009/09/05/life-and-art-in-the-sky-part-2-ilgarijiri-–-things-belonging-to-the-sky/


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