Bandikawaanda makuwalada rarunginja thaand
Return of Kaiadilt Women

Paula Paul, Amy Loogatha,  M.M, Ethel Thomas, Netta Loogatha, Dawn Naranatjil and Sally Gabori

Tuesday 16 September “ Saturday 4 October 2008

Opening Saturday 20 September from 2pm “ 4pm

At 3pm on Saturday 20 September Professor Nick Evans, Department of Linguistics, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University, will deliver a floor talk on the paintings and country of the Bentinck Island artists. Professor Evans specialises in the study of Australian Aboriginal languages. He has published a dictionary of the Kaiadilt people and Kayardild language of Bentinck Island. He will provide an insight into the artists’ homelands and traditions.


Artist: paula paul, amy loogatha, ethel thomas, netta loogatha, dawn naranatjil, sally gabori

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