On show at Nomad Art Gallery from 11 August – 30 September

Lena Nyadbi paintingCustodians: Country and Culture is a boxed set of 10 limited edition prints by ten outstanding Indigenous Australian artists:

  • Lofty Bardayal Nadjamerrek
  • Dorothy Napangardi
  • Gawirrin Gumana
  • Gulumbu Yunupingu
  • Janangoo Butcher Cherel
  • Jean Baptiste Apuatimi
  • Judy Napangardi Watson
  • Kathleen Petyarre
  • Lena Nyadbi
  • Regina Wilson

Each artist reflects upon the nature of their custodial role within their own society; whether as a custodian of a particular image, story, area of country or in a wider ceremonial context. The works were created in collaboration with Basil Hall and his team of specialist printmakers in 2008. Custodians includes a variety of print mediums including etching and silkscreen.


Artist: lofty bardayal nadjamerrek, dorothy napangardi, gawirrin gumana, gulumbu yunupingu, janangoo butcher cherel, jean baptiste apuatimi, judy napangardi watson, kathleen petyarre, lena nyadbi, regina wilson


Tags: dorothy napangardi , gawirrin gumana , gulumbu yunupingu , janangoo butcher cherel , jean baptiste apuatimi , judy napangardi watson , kathleen petyarre , lena nyadbi , lofty bardayal nadjamerrek , regina wilson ,

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