The ACCC is investigating claims that Doongal gallery sold works by an non-Indigenous artist as Aboriginal Fine Art.

Quoted from the article:

Farzad and Homa Nooravi, the operators of Doongal Aboriginal Art and Artefacts, stand accused of misleading and deceptive conduct by misrepresenting three artists, including McLean, as indigenous. The other non-indigenous artists involved in the Brisbane Federal Court proceedings are Diane Sharp and Paul Whiteman, who uses the tribal name “Kulangu Balanda”.

The commission alleges the Nooravis sold the works of the artists under the banners “Aboriginal Fine Art”, “Aboriginal Artefacts”, “Authentic Aboriginal Art” and “Aboriginal Art in the traditional sense” on their website, which was closed down temporarily yesterday, and at their three Queensland galleries, in Kuranda and Cairns.



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