The first survey exhibition of its kind, 30 Under 30 showcases the talent and innovation of 30 emerging artists born since 1977. The exhibition will be held annually by Mossenson Galleries in both Perth and Melbourne.

30 Under 30 is a celebration of youth and the continuity of Indigenous culture in remote and urban centres. Whilst restricted to artists under 30 years of age, it is an exhibition that draws sustenance and inspiration from the example of their legendary predecessors.


Artist: alison minor nangala, allen kunoth pwerle, alma giblet, anna wurrkidj, benjamin kunoth pwerle, caroline nakamarra, christine karpa, elizabeth napaltjarri, elyssa cameron, fiona jin-majinggal mason, gavin namarnyilk, glenn pilkington, janice rowe nakamarra, janicestine gorey, jerita mengil, joey west tjupurrula, kim griffiths, kukula mcdonald, lisa cubillo, loretta major nampitjimpa, margaret kerinauia, michael evans, patrick kunoth pwerle, ray nadjamerrek, rosalind brumby jnr, roslyn orsto, rowena peipei, sharina pascoe, sherona newry, silas hobson, simon kunoth pwerle, valerie two bob nungarrayi, winston butcher,

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Tags: alison minor nangala , allen kunoth pwerle , alma giblet , anna wurrkidj , benjamin kunoth pwerle , caroline nakamarra , christine karpa , elizabeth napaltjarri , elyssa cameron , fiona jin-majinggal mason , gavin namarnyilk , glenn pilkington , janice rowe nakamarra , janicestine gorey , jerita mengil , joey west tjupurrula , kim griffiths , kukula mcdonald , lisa cubillo , loretta major nampitjimpa , margaret kerinauia , michael evans , patrick kunoth pwerle , ray nadjamerrek , rosalind brumby jnr , roslyn orsto , rowena peipei , sharina pascoe , sherona newry , silas hobson , simon kunoth pwerle , valerie two bob nungarrayi , winston butcher ,

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